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Major versions, new features, and bug fixes are all automatically published to - and bigger changes are usually announced on the blog. More versions can be found at the GitHub Project Page.

v1.07.09 2/3/2017
Bug Fixes
  • Added a missing glyph to the default CJK character range
  • Fixed a bug where custom range glyphs were not being displayed after import

v1.07.08 11/11/2016
Bug Fixes
  • Extra checks to make sure font export doesn't fail (advance width must be non zero, descent must be negative).
  • Fixed SVG Import polygon tag bug

v1.07.07 9/21/2016
Bug Fixes
  • Importing SVG Fonts, and better path data parsing.

v1.07.06 6/18/2016
Bug Fixes
  • Keyboard shortcuts now support Mac Command key
  • Handling importing shapes with zero path points
  • Handling exporting shapes with zero path points
  • Fixed the 'Email the Glyphr Studio Team' link for Mac

v1.07.05 6/8/2016
Bug Fixes
  • Importing OTF / TTF font files - "Unrecognized path command" error

v1.07.04 6/6/2016
New Features
  • Glyph Action: combine all glyph shapes
  • Export Option: set the maximum number of shapes per glyph to combine

v1.07.03 6/3/2016
Bug Fixes:
  • Handling extra whitespace while importing SVG polylines / polygons
  • Deleting the last point in a path

v1.07.02 5/10/2016
Bug Fixes:
  • Importing metadata from TTF font files
  • Updating the Edit History panel on Undo

v1.07.01 4/3/2016
New Features:
  • Updated tool tips for path point alignment features.

v1.07.00 4/2/2016
New Features:
  • Advanced Path Point and Handle alignment actions.

v1.06.01 3/20/2016
Bug Fixes:
  • Creating new paths in empty glyphs.

v1.06.00 3/18/2016
New Features:
  • Align Shapes - multi select two or more shapes or component instances, and you can align them Top/Middle/Bottom or Left/Center/Right.

v1.05.03 3/10/2016
Bug Fixes:
  • Import SVG - Arc To commands (A or a) fail gracefully by moving to the end point.

v1.05.02 3/9/2016
Bug Fixes:
  • Importing fonts only resulting in rectangles
  • Import SVG - chained bezier curve notation: relative/absolute quadratic, relative/absolute cubic

v1.05.01 3/8/2016
Bug Fixes:
  • Import SVG - relative quadratic bezier curves

v1.05.00 3/8/2016
New Features:
  • Hamburger Menu, you know, to be more 'app like'
Bug Fixes:
  • Import SVG - relative bezier curve
  • Import SVG - chained rect/oval/circle notation
  • Backend navigation stability improvements

v1.04.07 2/20/2016
Bug Fixes:
  • Better handling for null/undefined values
  • Exporting fonts with zero descender or ascender values

v1.04.06 2/18/2016
Bug Fixes:
  • Improved stability of importing Glyphr Studio Project Files
  • Undo-ing caused points to be not selectable
  • Not loading custom guide lines from project file

v1.04.05 2/16/2016
Bug Fixes:
  • Importing SVG scale and move error
  • Displaying glyphs in the Chooser Panel that contain Component Instances

v1.04.04 2/14/2016
New Features:
  • Improved Combine Shapes algorithm - removing path that overlap the shape
  • New toast pattern for transient messages
  • Export option to flatten and combine whole glyphs

v1.04.03 12/22/2015
New Features:
  • Overlapping kern glyphs are shown using opacity
  • Improved Combine Shapes algorithm
Bug Fixes:
  • Chooser panel in dual screen mode
  • Toast appears in the edit window in dual screen mode

v1.04.02 12/18/2015
New Features:
  • Toast notifications - replaced some modal dialog messages
  • Flatten Glyphs option in Test Drive - boolean combine all shapes in all displayed glyphs
Bug Fixes:
  • Combine Shapes edge case - points overlap another shapes edge

v1.04.01 12/4/2015
Bug Fixes:
  • Version checking new projects on import

v1.04.00 12/3/2015
New Features:
  • Combine two selected shapes
  • Updated OpenType.js to v0.6.0
Bug Fixes:
  • OTF Font export
  • Better support for finding path winding

v1.03.05 11/6/2015
New Features:
  • New layout and icons for actions
Bug Fixes:
  • Viewing glyph ranges between Import SVG and other pages
  • Updating the name of a shape
  • Point remaining selected when another shape is selected from the layers panel

v1.03.04 11/3/2015
Bug Fixes:
  • Editing custom glyph width from the attributes panel

v1.03.03 10/18/2015
Bug Fixes:
  • Handle thrashing bug
  • Optimizing how path maxes are calculated

v1.03.02 10/5/2015
Bug Fixes:
  • Finding winding for paths with two points
  • New Path point selection bug

v1.03.01 10/1/2015
Bug Fixes:
  • Rotate tool shows negative angles for small counter-clockwise rotations
  • Multi-select path points canvas bug

v1.03.00 10/1/2015
New Features:
  • Rotation handle added to the Shape Edit tool.
Bug Fixes:
  • Updating a shape's position or size via the Attributes Panel
  • Angle value for Handles in the Attributes Panel

v1.02.02 9/13/2015
New Features:
  • Performance enhancements for the Glyph Chooser panel.

v1.02.01 9/13/2015
Bug Fixes:
  • Saving a Glyphr Studio Project file

v1.02.00 9/11/2015
New Features:
  • Multiselect Path Points
Bug Fixes:
  • Side bearings settings not being saved
  • Properties causing errors in exported SVG Fonts
  • Importing Beta 4 projects

v1.01.04 6/21/2015
Bug Fixes:
  • Exporting OTF files for FireFox

v1.01.03 6/21/2015
Bug Fixes:
  • Import SVG shapes with either zero height or width

v1.01.02 6/10/2015
New Features:
  • Better handling for deleting Components and Ligatures
  • Open Projects page has better tabs
Bug Fixes:
  • Exporting OTF files with non-numeric identifiers

v1.01.01 6/5/2015
Bug Fixes:
  • Deleting the last shape in a glyph error
  • Importing a v1.01 project

v1.01.00 6/4/2015
New Features:
  • Multi-select for Shapes. Use Ctrl + Mouse Click to select a set of shapes, and apply any action or edit to the set.
Bug Fixes:
  • OpenType.js can now export OTF fonts with UPM over 1000
  • Export OTF file for FireFox

v1.00.05 5/18/2015
New Features:
  • Keyboard Shortcut ctrl+e exports an Open Type font file
  • Keyboard Shortcut ctrl+g exports a SVG font file
Bug Fixes:
  • Export OTF uses AGLFN short glyph names

v1.00.04 5/14/2015
Bug Fixes:
  • Export bug where changes were not reflected unless the font name changed
  • Import bug for whitespace glyphs

v1.00.03 5/13/2015
Bug Fixes:
  • Editing metadata that cointain quotes
  • Exporting fonts with UPM greater than 1000 now works

v1.00.02 5/11/2015
Bug Fixes:
  • Importing and exporting copyright and license info
  • Changed all external links to use target="_blank"

v1.00.01 5/11/2015
Bug Fixes:
  • Unable to navigate away from pages with zero Components / Ligatures / Kern Pairs
  • Better default selected tool

v1.00.00 5/5/2015
Major Features:
  • Components
  • Import and Export Font Files
  • Help & Documentation site

v0.5.2 1/5/2015
Bug Fixes:
  • SVG Font import / export
  • Adding points to a path

v0.5.1 12/31/2014
Minor Features:
  • New tool cursors
  • New 'Add Point to Path' pen tool
Bug Fixes:
  • Canvas drawing performance

v0.5.0 11/13/2014
Major Features:
  • Import / Export SVG Fonts
  • Kerning
  • Ligatures
Minor Features:
  • Send shapes from one glyph to another
  • Two-screen mode for all edit pages
  • Streamlined attributes panel
  • Custom Guides and Guides Panel

v0.4.0 7/4/2014
Major Features:
  • Import SVG outlines
  • Full Unicode support
  • Two-screen mode
Minor Features:
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Shape and path point nudging with the arrow keys
  • History Panel shows undo-able actions
  • Shapes can have their aspect ratio locked
  • Convert between Shapes and Linked Shapes
  • Bulk-transform all shapes in a Character

v0.3.2 3/9/2014
Minor Features:
  • Updated license to GPL 3.0
Bug Fixes:
  • Digits 0-9 appear in the Character Panel
  • Scrolling issue between the Canvas and Panel areas

v0.3.1 2/27/2014
Bug Fixes:
  • Error while loading a project

v0.3.0 2/10/2014
Major Features:
  • Linked Shapes
  • Test Drive
  • Save Glyphr Studio Project file
  • Export TTX / FontTools .xml file
  • Code base re-write, new JSON based project structure
  • Start using GitHub for code repository / versioning
Minor Features:
  • UI aesthetics overhaul
  • Improved vector editing tools
  • Help page